About Me


I call myself Mahathi. I'm currently pursuing post graduation in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I've always been intrigued by science and engineering which led me to pursue my career in this field. Writing was never really a hobby in school. It all began in college when I accidentally won a blogging competition at a cultural fest. And since then, I haven't really looked back.

If you read my initial posts and compare it with the way I write today, you'll find a gradual change in my writing style as well as skill. That's only because I'm learning to write every day. I very much consider myself an amateur. I have a long way to go, and there are so many amazing writers, both famous and non-famous, who have been inspiring me along the way.

Apart from blogging here, I write short fiction/poetry on YourQuote. Here is the link, please go through it whenever you find time. I go by the pen name 'A Wishful Firefly'


I write because of you, and for you. So your opinion MATTERS. If I can't please you enough, what's my purpose after all?
So give me some genuine feedback.
You can personally mail me anything you don't feel comfortable sharing with me on a public page.
Here is the mail ID- a.wishful.firefly@gmail.com

Thanks for your support. Once again, without your encouragement, I'm really no one!

Keep visiting!