Friday, September 23, 2016


Disclaimer: This article may reveal some important aspects of the story.

I have never written movie reviews. It's probably because I have never been moved by a movie enough to convert all my feelings into words.
But today, I feel compelled to do so.
There has been no movie that sends out a powerful message like this one. The name says it all.

Bollywood has been known for its misogynistic approach, where women characters are usually meant for glamour and nothing but  entertainment.
It does feel good to see things change now, with a lot of women centric movies on the floors these days.
The movie 'PINK' not just has strong women characters, but it has a storyline that gives away a deep message regarding the current state of women in this country. It shuns everything that various politicians and so called preachers of our culture say about the current day women.

Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Pink is a well crafted movie with great actors like Amitabh Bacchan to support it. Even the actresses, especially Taapsee Pannu and Kirti Kulhari, amaze the audience with their strong performances.

The story could seem more of cliché to the modern women of today for whom everyday gets tougher as more men are waiting to grope them and take them in. Whether or not we have experienced it, we will relate to the pain of being in constant fear of the men around.

The movie begins with three girls, 'independent and modern' ones in a cab going back home, anxious about something that has happened while they go and hang out in a resort with some men, after a rock show.
On the other side of the city are three men, one of them deeply injured in the eye, going to the hospital to get him treated.
As the story unravels, you get to know that the injured man had tried to molest the lead character, Minal who, to defend herself, hit him with a bottle.
The girls are scared to file a complaint, they want the matter to rest. But the men who come from an influential background  are extremely angered by the girls' behaviour that night (because if you're girls, you only have to nod to everything they want to do to you). They want to hear a sorry, and the girls refuse.

All things go wrong when the men file an FIR against Minal for an attempt to murder.
And that is when an experienced lawyer, Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh) steps into the story, as their defence lawyer.

The story shows the struggle of the women during court hearings, with personal questions being asked to them, their characters being judged based on their clothes, food habits and friendliness towards men. They are slut shamed, they are accused of prostitution but the girls face it with as much strength as possible. However they do break down at some point of time, clearly indicating that women are naturally vulnerable to certain circumstances.

The highlight of the movie is the dialogues that hit your heart. The weight of the dialogues are even higher, in Amitabh Bachchan's voice. Although the characterisation of Amitabh as the 'old lawyer with a mental disorder' seems kind of ambiguous, he certainly asserts his opinion on you. Each word spoken by Amitabh's character is a part of today's reality. Every dialogue is worth remembering and repeating over and over again.
Amitabh's character, Deepak Sehgal, talks about a certain rule book men have framed for the girls of our country. The rules teach men to differentiate 'decent' women and sluts, and teach the women how to behave, because yes, men rule the world.
It is indeed true isn't it? We all have our own rule book, based on which we judge people, not necessarily women. We never judge from the other perspective, we are always so self centred that only our morals matter. When we don't change in a personal level, how can we expect the regressive to change?

It is through the words of Amitabh as the lawyer, that the message of the movie is conveyed.
And it's very clear.
A NO MEANS NO when a girl says so. It could be a stranger, a girlfriend, a sex worker or even your wife, but when she says a no, there is no further negotiation.
But this is not the only message that the movie tries to convey. It also delineates the naivety of women to judge men solely based on appearance and consider them safe and decent enough to hang around with them in the night, and more so alone. It is not only the responsibility of a man to stay away from a woman he desires, but also a responsibility of the woman to keep herself safe and be careful enough to avoid certain situations.

It is solely because of the screen play, the dialogues and the acting that one must watch the movie.
I hope that more and more men and women watch this and educate themselves. Although there are some directorial mistakes that I noticed in the movie, the movie has passed with flying colours in my perspective.

I wish more women centric movies are made. Movies should be able to provide an inspiration to women, and at the same time certain men should be able to amend their perspective regarding the so-called 'weaker' sex.