Saturday, July 16, 2016


As the droplets began to fall
Out I ran, ignoring mom's bawl
Puddle there was my best friend
All energy, jumping I'd spend

The smell of rain it still excites
But fear of germs it today incites
'Don't go out, you'll catch cold'
'Don't act crazy, you're old'

Physical activity kept me strong
Playing basketball all day long
No moments where I sat still
Having so much time to kill

No more that energy and zeal
Exercising seems like a big deal
Don't look for adventure, I am told
Oh god, I surely am getting old

'Finally now, it's birthday time!
One year older is what I'm'
Becoming an adult was all I dreamt,
But whatever I had, I was content

Today I only want to go back there
Become a child and fly everywhere
A saying says old is gold,
Yet, I don't wish to grow old