Wednesday, June 15, 2016


After his regular time at the gym, Nate returned home. As he changed to his night trousers and tee, he glanced at himself in the mirror. His six pack abs seemed perfect as always. Satisfied, he turned away.
The man was just about 170 centimeters tall. However, with those hovering blue eyes and viking gold hair, he looked theatrical. His bronzed skin shone every time he walked under the sun and girls couldn't get their eyes off him. He was every woman's fantasy.

A couple of days ago, he was on a national TV show. The show host had asked questions about his journey from a poor boy to the CEO of a multi million dollar company and his answers were absolutely modest and diplomatic. The host was truly charmed by his behavior and couldn't hide her blush. She indicated her interest very much publicly, flirting with him at every possible opportunity. He simply acknowledged with kindness. She threw at him some silly questions about his love life and he denied having one. His fans were relieved, and without guilt, stalked him on social media and asked him out. The interview only increased his popularity with his social media page showing  a sudden rush of followers while his message box was getting overloaded.
He liked the attention, yes. Why, he loved it. He had everything he wanted- money, fame and girls.
Or, did he?

While doing dishes, he thought of his mother. He was raised single-handedly by her after his father died when he was only two years old. With no job and security, his mother had gone through great ordeals to make money for his education. She was his best friend as a kid, and a counselor to him when he was subjected to bullying by his seniors at school. She motivated him and trusted his abilities. She inspired him with her hard work and he rewarded her with his determination to do something great. For Nate, it was always his mother before anything else.
At least until a few weeks back, when his mother disowned him.

Nate's childhood sweetheart Hannah was still his best friend. He spoke to her on the phone as he prepared himself dinner. She would call him almost three days a week and share her everyday adventures. She was a biker, who loved to travel alone to different parts of the country. During her conversations with Nate, she would go on and on about her life but would hardly try to get his feelings shared. She had seemingly reconciled to the fact that he kept things to himself, so she almost stopped caring to listen. It didn't matter to him either, since his pain was going to remain a secret. Forever.

He didn't plan on coming out of the closet, especially after his mother left him for what he was.
He pleaded, cried, shouted. 'Is it my fault God made me like this, ma?' he asked. She didn't listen. She didn't care. She packed her luggage in anger and stormed out of the place, without speaking a word.

The world apparently began to accept the reality, that there were many people like him out there who had no interest for the opposite sex, and yet there were some, their own family or friends, who didn't like the idea. People still taunted and protested against those of his kind. And he knew that very well.

Hence, he never planned on revealing his sexuality. He wouldn't risk his life. He would live in the fear of what God had made him to be. He would sacrifice his emotions and his interests for the rest of the world. 

Did he want money, fame and girls?
No, all he wanted was a bit more acceptance.

*This story is dedicated to the victims of Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting. The shooter, fuelled by homophobia, targeted the gay nightclub to get his ideas to the world.
The world needs more tolerance and acceptance. Unless freedom is given to every soul, irrespective of his race, religion, sexuality or appearance, humanity shall cease to exist*