Friday, May 6, 2016


'What? He found out?' The man on the other line said. 'Impossible'
'How is it impossible? I heard you sent him notes regarding the money matter. Had you destroyed that evidence?' Ankit questioned.
'Oh...' There was silence afterward.
'So that means you're the culprit. You took all the money and I am being targeted. For what?' Ankit shouted. 'Will you save me? Will you?'
'Listen. I'm really sorry. I just never realised that Hari still had those letters saved. He died and then police came but they were so inefficient in everything. I made them be so. That's what money does. I left it there, I am sorry it was a mistake. But I am a middle class man who has never been involved in any crime. Please do not involve me in this. I only helped you because I hated Hari. You gave me the money out of your own interest. I never asked you. Please let me go. Please...' The man started to cry, trying to sound as innocent and genuine as possible.
'Is that so? Okay then.' He cut the phone abruptly in anger. He had no other option but to run. Probably he would get caught sometime when the 'inefficient' police comes after him.

Five years ago, Ankit was a poor man. His father would earn his bread by working in Hari's company. Through his father's good will, Ankit also landed a job there. They earned meagre income which allowed them to support the education of his two younger sisters. His inspiration in life was his dead mother, who had taken care of both financial and emotional aspects of the family, inspite of being terminally ill. They lived a quiet life until they got fired one day. It was very cruel, to fire both father and son. His father couldn't take it and died of heart attack soon after. He and his sisters were orphaned. He was angered and his sisters were depressed. Weeks went, and Hari had promised to give him back the job. But he hadn't. He said his company was in losses, and he had no money himself, to pay the rest.
He needed vengeance of his father's death, and he would get it, he had decided.
He planned severely and sincerely, day and night to obtain a plan. He approached Vishal, who was a good friend of Hari, to find out personal information. One day, it was revealed to him that Vishal hated Hari and only pretended to be a friend. The reason, he never knew. Vishal agreed to help him with the plan, provided he gave him 50% of the money.
Ankit agreed, and they forged documents provided to investors, falsifying the accounts of the company. They hid the original documents and blackmailed Hari for money. Hari, who was an otherwise honest man, was absutely stunned to see his company's accounts being falsified. The only way his name wouldn't be tarnished was by accepting to pay the money and keep the documents away from the investors and the media. And so, he did. He wanted to shut the company down but before he did it, Ankit revealed it to the media. Police and media took the matter into their hands and his work was done.

How easily he had lived life for the next five years, he thought. All had changed in a day. He sedated Ishita and Ananya and left the place.
He opened the gate of the building he was in, and was shocked to find Suchit standing there in front of him. How did he....? Then he remembered- the phone. How stupid I am for a criminal, he thought. But without giving a moment to Suchit, he began to run. He ran a few meters ahead a looked back to notice that Suchit was standing there peacefully without running after him. That is when he noticed the police jeep coming toward him.
Nothing could be done now, it was all over.

The police were cooperative this time to read into the facts and work their way out to find the criminals. Vishal was implicated for it after statements from Ankit were taken. It was later proved that his father's death was infact a suicide, not a murder. Only the cause of the suicide was a crime he was falsely implicated for. Ishita was charged for being involved with the criminal. His father's name was cleared and it was all over the media. His father was famous once again, but this time, he was proud of it. His father had done what he could to save his family from shame. He had sacrificed his life for it.

Ten months later, Suchit and Ananya were best friends again. They were in a movie theatre, watching a romantic movie when Suchit pulled out a rose and asked her, 'Will you go out with me?'