Wednesday, February 10, 2016


'Are you sure you have it right?' Ananya exclaimed once she heard the story from Suchit. 'The papers, how did you find them there? I mean, after his suicide, the police must have looked inside those cupboards, for sure. Didn't they?'
Suchit and Ananya were now sitting inside his car. For privacy, they drove to a lane adjacent to her office
'Well, I don't think the police did anything at all after they found the suicide note on the table. They were pretty convinced that it was suicide. Why, so were we. Not once did we believe it could be something else. The evidence was right in front of us. All those files, transactions, everything. Moreover papa admitted to his crime when he was jailed.'
He thought. He looked for something that might have indicated otherwise, something he might have missed.
The day his father had committed suicide, Suchit and his mother were in Chennai. Vishal uncle was the one to inform them. By the time they took a flight and reached Hyderabad, police had already arrived and there was not much to do but final rites.

He looked at one of the letters he found in the morning. He kept looking at it until he had the words memorized.

Dear Hari,

I'm sure you know where we stand. Save your family, save yourself. Do as I said. It will keep you happy.

Here is the address where you need to send
7-3-45, Brigade Towers
Road no. 4, Begumpet

Yours Affectionately,

Ananya doubted the evidence the letter pointed out. It could have been anything, she thought, why should it only imply blackmail?

'Are you having doubts, Ann? Even after this?' He placed the other paper in front of her angrily.

Ananya read it again.

Dear Hari,

You are due. You have not yet done what I have asked for. You better have good excuses, or you will see my worst.

Yours Affectionately,

'I understand what you mean, Suchit. This person clearly wanted something. But how do you know he wanted money? How do you know he was going to kill your father if he didn't receive it?'

Suchit sighed. No one was going to believe him.
'Ann, do not believe if you don't want to. But I will figure this out as quickly as I can. I will do it, with or without your help'.
'I am sorry if you think I will let you go for the second time. I am a better friend than you ever were Suchit, and I am going to be involved in this even if you don't want me to'. Ananya held his hand and gave him an assuring smile.