Monday, December 2, 2013


Rains had just begun and I saw numerous wet puddles as I was walking home from school. I was with a friend of mine and we were just discussing random things when we spotted one cute little dog sitting on one of those puddles. Both being dog lovers, our attention straight away went on that dirty, furry body and we immediately recognised that he wasn’t a random street dog, but was a properly bred dog. Though we were utterly clueless about how he landed up here, we knew he wasn’t in the right place. We gave him a small biscuit to eat and he innocently followed us to my home. With the help of an elderly woman who owned pets, we helped him get rid of all the injuries that the new street had caused him. My mother was quite okay with the rescue operation but my father hated dogs and he didn’t entertain us. But after some convincing and pleading, he finally agreed and we kept him at home ever since.

Seven years later, he is not alive but his memories will last forever. I cannot just talk about the immense happiness he brought us along with him. As they say, dogs truly are our best companions. Dogs complete a family. They are a solution to every family trouble. But it somehow saddens me to know that these lovely creatures are used for one’s selfishness. They have become a mere business. Dogs are bought, rather than being adopted. Pomeranians and Labrador retrievers are the most common ones being bought. While these are relatively cheap and easy to nurture, some dogs like the Chihuahua or the Akita are status symbols. Celebrities buy expensive dogs and create a big hype around them. These days, celebrity dogs like Beast and Boo are a craze on social networking sites like facebook.
 Yes, it is amazing to know that dogs are these days being loved as much as humans are. Unfortunately, only the so called ‘breed dogs’ get all the love. What about those stranded ones on streets we see every day? They are rather homeless and helpless, looking for edible food all through day. Yet they are called to be a menace, since they probably mess up with the dustbins. These dogs are sometimes beaten so badly by some ruthless citizens. In order to control the population of such dogs, they are taken to neutering units wherein they are treated grimly. Instead of employing such harsh techniques on innocent animals, adoption could be promoted which could be an effective way of controlling their population. Organisations like Blue Cross give home to a number of homeless dogs and it only takes a small trip to find a loving member to a family.

Instead of spending thousands of rupees and getting a well-bred pup, we could give a thought to adoption of a homeless dog wherein we would be spending for nothing more than a vaccination. Wouldn’t that be a perfect epitome of service to self and society at the same time?