Friday, August 2, 2013


Every person in this universe goes through thousands of problems in life. Some lose hopes and decide to live life the way it is, while some give up their own lives. In the past few days, I've seen a few acquaintances doing this. But when it comes to listening to advises, everybody turns back. I pretty much was the same way. But there is something very unique that I am learning now, and that is the 'Art Of Living'.

One might say, how can living be an art? Art is something everyone isn't good at. It comes with talent and loads of hard-work. But as far as living goes, everybody has to do it. Yes of course, would be my reply. Everybody lives. But not everybody lives the right way. And Art Of Living is that something which teaches you how to live the right way.

Founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar, The Art Of Living is an NGO which is now spread to about 151 nations and has touched the lives of over 370 million people. It organizes workshops and basically focuses on helping people overcome stress and depression, while motivating people to take up service initiatives. It teaches this amazing process called 'Sudarshan Kriya' which brings all the negativities out of you. It makes you more peaceful, belonged and loved.

People, especially teenagers like me come with an opinion that spirituality is something meant only for adults. It hasn't been long since I did the YES!+ workshop of this NGO. And well, I've to admit that i used to think that this whole thing was a humbug-spirituality, preaching and everything that follows it. Now I clearly know how immature I was then, because what I learnt from (or should i say experienced in) the workshop couldn't be learnt from any other source. Today, I can say with full confidence that I'm a happy person and all the credit goes to beloved guruji (Sri Sri Ravishankar ji).

So, stop crying and start living. Try this workshop (And no, its not an advertisement).